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"How Much Radiation Do You Get From Dental X-Rays?" By Steve D. Rima, CHP
Our new x-ray equipment emits less radiation than a person's daily exposure from their surrounding environment.

"Gum Disease Opens Up the Body to a Host of Infections"
Research continues to suggest the importance of periodontal health as related to cardiovascular health.

"The Best Tooth Brushing Method You Were Never Taught"
Make sure you are effectively removing plaque and debris by using this specific tooth brushing technique every time!

"Go Green for Healthy Teeth and Gums"
Studies suggests that antioxidants in green tea may help reduce periodontal disease.

"Your Top 9 Questions About Going to the Dentist Answered!"
Answers to common questions about going to the dentist.

"Dental health and bad breath"
Inadequate brushing and flossing of teeth can lead to bad breath(halitosis).

Causes and symptoms of clenching and grinding your teeth

“Everything is better when you smile!”

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