Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography is instantaneous digital films of your teeth that will allow us to get the best diagnostic information with minimum radiation exposure and a decreased impact on the environment at the same time.  While conventional dental X-rays are considered relatively safe, digital X-rays use up to 90 percent less radiation than film X-rays.  Not only is this great for you and the environment on many levels, but this information can be streamlined to effectuate the communication of your diagnostic data to our team of specialists, as well as your insurance company, more readily.  Digital technology has evolved greatly over the past few years.  Digital sensors are electronic and connected to a computer. Once the X-ray is taken, the image is projected on a screen for the patient, the hygienist and the dentist to review.  Smaller and more accurate sensors have improved the comfort, readability and efficiency of the technology, making it, in tandem with the doctor’s exam, the most valuable diagnostic service to our patients.

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