Having two wonderful young sons of her own, Dr. Yankie loves to provide easy and comprehensive care for children and teenagers.

Proper care for children’s teeth, including baby teeth, is critical. Baby teeth play an important role in learning how to speak and they serve as an actual guide for permanent teeth. The younger we coach children how to take good care of themselves, the more successful they will become at it and the happier and more confident they will become in life.

When children grow up, it also becomes eminent to monitor developing permanent teeth to be sure they come in healthy and straight. Anytime we believe that your child is better served by a specialist, we will refer her or him to one of our esteemed colleagues. This may be a pediatric dentist for a young child with high dentist anxiety or an orthodontist for special teeth alignment procedures. For older teenagers we offer the “invisible” teeth straightening method Invisalign, in house. (They love it!) Please read all about it.

For young (and old) athletes we can create superior, comfortable mouth guards that will help to preserve those pristine, well cared for teeth.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”