Products We Recommend

Dental Herb Company
Tooth & Gum paste®, Tooth & Gums Tonic®.

Big on flavor, these products contain herbs and pure essential oils, which have been used for centuries to maintain healthy tissue. Alcohol free, the botanical tinctures are made from organically grown or ecologically wild-crafted medicinal plants which contain an exceptionally high concentration of bioactives.

The toothpaste’s revolutionary formula contains potent green tea extract, a natural fluoride source!

No foaming agent( sodium laurel sulfate), no artificial sweeteners, no chemical preservatives.

Philips Sonicare
Sonicare® redefines “clean”

Once you use it, you can't live without it! Think superior thoroughness, and gentler cleaning. Sonicare gives you naturally whiter teeth and healthier gums. Great for traditional braces, hard to reach places, and periodontal pockets. With its detoxifying attributes, it is not surprising that it is the power toothbrush most recommended by dental professionals.

Fluoride tooth paste and gel
Sense and sensitivity

This professional strength toothpaste provides a daily defense against cavities and sensitivity. It will also help to re-mineralize enamel, and protect newly-whitened smiles from rebound.

CloSYS™ Toothpaste and Oral Rinse

Unlike traditional mouthwashes, CloSYS Antiseptic Oral Rinse does not rely on flavor to cover bad breath. Unique, patented stabilized Chlorine Dioxide System eliminates harmful bacteria that irritate gums and cause bad breath, promoting healthy gums and a clean oral environment. There is a noticeable fresher, healthier and cleaner feeling after each use. This toothpaste does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which has been associated with canker sores. For an unsurpassed program of oral hygiene, use CloSYS twice a day or as directed by Dr. Yankie.


Even though most adults admit they would rather do housework than floss, removing tiny particles of food and debris on a routine basis is critical in maintaining oral health. This simple daily task of flossing helps to prevent bad breath, stains, and sticky build-up, leading to a fresher breath and a healthier smile. That is why we love CocoFloss, a tasty, soft textured floss coated with coconut oil, a natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial secret. CocoFloss is a thick, woven type of floss that does not shred easily, glides under the gums gently, and expands with moisture, trapping any debris touched into the strand! It also leaves behind traces of beneficial coconut oil to dissolve between the teeth and help reduce harmful bacteria! 
How to Floss by Cocofloss 

Custom Bleach Tray Kit

Turbo Whitening at home: We will take impressions at our office and create customized, re-usable trays within a few days. This allows you to brighten your teeth any time in the comfort of your chosen environment. Your first set of teeth whitening gel is included.

Start Pure Nite and Day™ teeth whitening pen

For on-the-go teeth whitening.  A Day pen to maintain your Pure White Smile™ and a Nite pen to help whiten your teeth while you sleep.

Consumption of colored foods and drinks such as red wine, soda, coffee, and the natural aging process over time cause a yellowing of teeth stains your teeth.  In between in-office whitening procedures, you can maintain your PureWhite™ Smile with our anywhere, anytime teeth whitening pens.  Over-the-counter whitening products are not customized to your needs. They tend to cause significant sensitivity and at times they do not work. Start Pure Pro teeth whitening products are used under the supervision of your dentist, they are formulated to reduce pain and sensitivity and are prescription strength.

A portion of all profits from sales of Start Pure Products *will be donated to local and national charities. 

MI Paste

MI paste is a Doctor or Hygienist prescribed topical paste, which contains bio-available calcium and phosphate. It is recommended to decrease bleaching sensitivity, decalcification or root sensitivity. It can be used with or without custom trays and comes in delicious flavor combinations. 
How MI Paste Reverses and Prevents White Spots 


Whether you have been a natural “grinder” or “clencher” all your life, (or are just a temporary one due to excess stress), teeth, however strong, are no match for the force of our jaws in grinding mode. Grinding(Bruxism) can literally destroy your teeth.

There are three types of night guards that Dr. Yankie prescribes:

  • Soft Night Guard
  • Hard Night Guard
  • Impak Night Guard

95% Of the bruxers (clenchers and grinders) manage very nicely with a “soft” night guard. This guard is typically made for the lower teeth, which seems the most comfortable and conservative in size. At the approximate cost of one filling, the soft night guard provides a great deal of protection. Think about how many fillings, crowns and healthy teeth you will save! We keep the cost of this guard below market so people will have more incentive to protect their teeth. The soft night guard can also be used as a bleach tray and a matching upper tray can be custom made to complete your entire bleaching kit.

A little night guard is such a surprisingly simple solution to a huge problem. And so cost effective! Talk to us about it and see which night guard suits you.

Mouth guard

Sports are great for mind and body, generally speaking, but they can be real hard on your teeth. Any of the ball sports can be especially damaging. So if you would like to protect those beautiful, well cared for teeth, talk to Dr. Yankie about custom made guards with the best performance.

Vivera Retainers

Vivera retainers are fresh, strong retainers that accommodate each patient's unique retention needs after Orthodontic treatment. They can be used by both Invisalign system patients as any other (classic) orthodontic patient. Vivera retainers are manufactured using the advanced fabrication behind the Invisalign system aligner, resulting in a precise, smooth, comfortable and "invisible" fit. They are 30% stronger than most similar products. Using a PVS Impression or the last ClinCheck® stage, the patient's ideal dentition is kept digitally on file for future use to help maintain beautiful, long lasting smiles. 
Vivera Retainers by Invisalign 

“Thank you, Dr. Yankie, to you and your wonderful staff for making me feel comfortable on my first visit to a dentist in over 3 years!”

Emily—Novato, CA