"Dr. Yankie runs the best dental office in the country - bar none! I've been a patient with her for over four years and have found her care, talent, professionalism, good cheer and humor most rewarding. Know anyone who actually enjoys going to the dentist? Well I'm one! From the minute you make contact with the office staff, you become a member of the family. I have always received the best care in their capable hands. You’ll come to enjoy your visits and the high level of competence and technology exhibited here. I had all my fillings replaced by Dr. Yankie and actually fell asleep while she was doing it — and — they look great. My strongest rating for the best dental team in the country!”
—Bob D., Marin, patient since 2004.

"Dr. Yankie is the Queen of Attention-to-Detail!"
—Nico Van Praag, patient since 2000

“I always feel that Dr. Yankie is trying to do what is best for me. She cares about her patients and has a strong work-ethic and high standards. Dr. Yankie is a true artist who is an expert at her craft.”
—F. K. in Berkeley, patient since 2008

“I have had many dentists over the years and Dr. Yankie is by far the most understanding and certainly the best tooth artist I’ve ever met. She went out of her way to save teeth for me that other dentists just wouldn’t have taken the time or effort to save — as they were not easy nor quick to deal with. I appreciate someone who shows that kind of care for people. It indicates a great deal about her character. There are far too few people like that in the world!"
—K.E., patient since 1999

"Everything’s better when you smile!"
—Marc Hershon, patient since 2004

"When I first consulted with Dr. Yankie, she assured me that my fear of pain in the dentist’s chair was something she understood and that I wouldn’t have to worry about with her. So true! I had to have a lot of work done back then and it was never pain — literally. Not only is she a talented dentist, but she goes to great lengths to make sure you understand the work that’s being done. The whole staff is friendly and courteous, making you feel welcome even when your mouth is full of dental implements. And the office is set in a very relaxing environment — I’ve rarely been there when I haven’t caught sight of a deer or squirrel out the window. And of course, I’ve gotten great mileage for years from the fact I get to tell people that my dentist’s name is Yankie.” - Marc H. Half Moon Bay, CA
Review courtesy of Yelp

“I have been going to Dr. Yankie for a few years now. I could go to a dentist closer to home, but I wouldn’t. I have always found her to be very concerned and attentive to my dental needs from a health and cosmetic perspective. The hygienists are fast, friendly and professional. Her office has always been flexible for appointments and it is well worth the drive and the tolls for me.”
—Mark M., Brisbane CA. Patient since 2001.

“I would love to visit you in California. I think of your fine office and staff often. Please tell the good doctor that I selflessly wish that she were located here on a nice office on the water. As far as dentists go...she is the bomb!”
—Kerry, South Pasadina, FL

"Everyone I met was absolutely fabulous, friendly, warm, fun, informative, professional. I can’t say enough. Looking forward to a pretty smile."
—New Patient 2009

"Today I officially realized that I am living in a very small town...when I walked into my new dentist's office, two of the staff recognized me as the girl they work out next to at the gym. I immediately felt right at home...The dentist’s office feels more like a spa than a dentist. They play relaxing music and burn sweet-smelling candles. The chair I sat in for my cleaning was even equipped with a chair massager! Nice! Dr. Yankie and the hygienist were very friendly, thorough, and trustworthy. I am thankful that the reviews on Yelp helped me find a great new dentist! Thank you!" - Megan P. San Francisco, patient since 2009.
Review courtesy of Yelp

“Dr. Yankie, Your skill and generosity is much appreciated. Thank you!”
—Si Perkoff, Jazz Musician. Patient since 1996.

“I LOVE MY DENTIST and ALL the beautiful people in her office.”
—RDF, in Fairfield, patient since 2004.

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“Every time you smile at someone, it is an act of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”

—Mother Theresa