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Dr. Frances H. Yankie has been serving patients around San Rafael for years and has one of Marin’s most successful general dentist solo practices. This success is due to her amazing abilities as a dentist, as well her personable approach she takes in treating all of her patients.

If you searched for “San Rafael Dentist Near Me”, we may or may not be the closest dentist to you, but we are worth whatever the drive may be!

Our address does not make us San Rafael Dentist, because we are a short drive away, but our patients have made it clear that we are one of the best options available for a dentist near San Rafael. Our practice is trusted by residents from all over the Bay Area and beyond. Our patients include a house painter, a filmmaker, a jewelry designer, a CEO, an actor, a celebrity chef, a massage therapist, a carpenter, an MD, a dog walker, a dad, a daughter and… you?

We invite you to experience the inspired dental wellness treatments of Dr. Yankie and feel renewed vitality from a healthier and more radiant you.




  • As always, something that’s traditionally unpleasant, is not. A beautiful atmosphere, wonderful classical music playing in the background, and a highly trained professional staff take all the stress away from going to the dentist!

    Mark Palmer Avatar Mark Palmer
    February 2, 2021

    I cannot thank Dr. Frances Yankie and her team enough for repairing my tooth, rejuvenating my smile and lifting my spirits. There simply aren’t enough words. Attentive, calming, supremely professional, creative, confident and a true artisan of her craft come to mind, yet still fall short of how I really feel. I would recommend her many many times over. Thank you Frances … thank you so much.

    Kai Goddard Avatar Kai Goddard
    January 23, 2024
  • Dr. Yankie and her team have taken care of all of my dental needs for decades and today I unfortunately got to see them shine. I needed a tooth extracted, and with their expertise I was in and out in a very short amount of time (about an hour in all), and I experienced no discomfort to speak of. As always, I found the doctor to be professional yet friendly, and very thoughtful in terms of diagnosing my situation and weighing the options. From low-emission x-rays to AI powered diagnostic tools, the office is full of state-of-the-art dental technology, but I was soothed by the majestic redwood trees out my window, neutral color scheme of the walls, and classical music (baroque) playing lightly on the house sound system. If I had to loose a tooth, this was the best place to be. During the procedure, the doctor and assistant were gently checking that I was ok, and afterwards I was given thorough information regarding how to proceed during my healing stages. I feel confident in their work and am already feeling great, only 5 hours after having my tooth extracted! Thanks Dr. Yankie and team!

    Paul Eastburn Avatar Paul Eastburn
    November 14, 2023

    Had a wonderful experience at Dr. Yankie office the staff was so friendly and welcoming I would highly recommend anyone to get there dental work at there office !

    Adrian Sarria Avatar Adrian Sarria
    November 24, 2021

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